Shipping & Returns

What is your phone number?

We work via email in order to exchange conversations in writing. This is also for your benefit to ensure order accuracy and allows both parties to view order details at any time. Working through email also allows us to provide quick responses while processing orders or after business hours.


When will my order be ready?

• Orders submitted over the weekend may not be processed until Monday or Tuesday (depending on the volume of orders received over the weekend).
• Orders submitted over a holiday will be processed the following business day.

Colors may vary depends on monitors/printers.


When will my instant download files will expired?

ALL INSTANT DOWNLOAD items will expire 5 days after you make your purchase.

Please download your files right away after you make your payment.

How much do I get charge for shipping and handling?
You get FREE shipping on all digital files.


How many copies can I print for each digital file?

Because the files are digital, you can print as many copies as you'd like from home or a self serve printer and it is your responsibility to print the file, we do not issue releases of any kind, if you have any questions PLEASE ASK before YOU BUY.


Where do I send the photo for my digital design?

Please send us the photo that you would like us to add to your designs please send it via email to


Can I cancel, exchange, return or get a refund for my order?

Like all digital stores, due to the nature of the product, refunds and exchanges can obviously not be provided. Buyer is responsible for reading the product details carefully before purchasing and if you have any queries please contact me BEFORE purchasing. We do not accept cancellations, returns or refunds.


How do I save and print my files?

~ SAVING AND UPLOADING YOUR FILE(S) ~ Simply save/download the file to your computer, USB flash drive or disk. From there you can print to your home computer, upload to an online printing vendor or take into a printing vendor to have printed for you. PLEASE READ: Please keep in mind that cell phone providers and iPad providers tend to condense/reduce attachments/files sizes. This may be due to the storage space allotted on the devices. Not sure. This may cause issues (and has with previous clients) when trying to upload to an online printing vendor as the file will no longer be the original 300DPI file size (huge) required by online printing vendors. This is an issue with your provider and is not reflected on the actual file size emailed to you by me. My recommendation is to upload/download the file(s) from a computer to eliminate this issue.  


Can I get a revision?

ALL invitations comes with ONE FREE REVISION (wording or child's photo) EXCEPT size or design, date and time. If you need a different size or more revision there's a small fee.



Please note all items are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. File sharing, distributing, or selling the designs, or ANY elements within them, in any other format including templates, websites, brochures, advertising or on any products is strictly prohibited. When purchasing a product you agree to use the designs for personal use only. Commercial use is not allowed. 17 U.S.C. 106(3), 17 U.S.C. §109(c)

IMAGES AND DESIGNS were created by Party Express Invitations and are protected under domestic and international copyright laws (aside from licensed character images or trademarks) according to 17 U.S.C. Section 501. Any licensed images of characters used in the designs are free and not being sold. Character copyright is held by original owner. (Digitally reproduced or interpreted licensed characters cannot be shared, distributed or sold and limited rights are not transferable to anyone for any reason.) Designs are intended for ONE TIME use only. Your purchase is for the labor and time involved in creating your child's customization.

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